Come see me at AERO next week!

I’ll be visiting the AERO Expo in Friedrichshafen next week! I will be signing books at the Fliegermagazin booth (A5-325) at 11:00 on Thursday and 15:00 on Friday, for approximately an hour each. So if you want to meet me, that’d be the best place to come and say hi. I’m always happy to meet fans and have a chat! I’ll bring our new German book and even a handful of Italian books, but, of course, all our stuff in English as well.

The Fliegermagazin booth is going to be my base camp, so your best chance of meeting me will be there. Outside of my scheduled signing hours I will be randomly roaming the halls and tarmac, but if you see me and recognize me, don’t hesitate to make contact. I respond to “Stefan”, “Stef”, “Chicken Wings Guy!”, “Hey!” and “Yo!”.

Looking forward to see you there!

Stefan at Aero 2016

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