Chicken Wings 4 – Goldrausch

Chicken Wings 4 - Goldrausch - DEUTSCHWe finally did it! After about fifteen years of drawing Chicken Wings and after being asked about it over and over again, we finally managed to publish our first book in our mother tongue. We decided to not proceed in chronological order, but start with our latest issue, which is why our first German book has the number four on its cover.

Translating was no simple task. Mike wasn’t of much help, because he’s been living in the States for so long that his aviation vocabulary is almost exclusively English. (Or rather, American, haha.) So I was basically stuck with doing the whole translation myself. The fact that there’s a lot of aviation lingo that’s often not translated, radio talk, plays on words and limited space in the speech bubbles has led me towards a new level of respect for the profession of translators. But anyway, we got it done!

The most crucial factor of success is an economical one though. We finally found a great printer that allows us to print smaller quantities at reasonable prices, which so far was the biggest obstacle to experimental publications. We have also changed the format to a smaller size and put more strips per page. That way we managed to give you exactly the same content at the same price.

So, please check it out! It is available now through our European Online Shop! I will also be selling and signing the book at AERO in Friedrichshafen in a couple of weeks (more details about when and where exactly coming soon), and you’ll be able to get it through well-assorted pilot shops in Germany soon. E.g. Siebert has already ordered some …

Wir sprechen Deutsch!

Viel Spaß beim Lesen!

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    Meh, I would’ve preferred Austrian 😀

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