15% Christmas Discount / Chuck’s Helicopter Adventures / Bitcoin

Well it’s been a while since we had some extra-curricular activities here at Roost Air, but now we finally have some news again for you! Here we go …


Born out of the necessity to ship you your goodies on time, our Christmas Discount in our online shops has now turned into a yearly tradition for us! This year it’s 15% across the board, if you place your order until Tuesday, December 10th.

Important: You must enter the promo code CHRISTMAS at checkout for the discount to work! Happy shopping!


And we have a new book! A special edition for all you helicopter people and rotor heads out there.

This is our first comic book just for you with 36 pages of Chuck’s helicopter adventures!

We are trying something new this time by going with a classic comic book / magazine type format and focusing simply on just a bunch of Chuck’s colorful helicopter comics. By dropping the fancy thick book cover we are able to give this to you for a classic comic book price as well.

Included in this book are our collection of helicopter and helicopter-related strips from Chuck’s adventures, some of them from our other books but with previously unpublished material included as well.

Also new is that we are including a few very early black-and-white classics with a little history about how they came to be and stories about the initial days of Chicken Wings.


You can now pay us with Bitcoin! Our shop software doesn’t enable us yet to offer you an integrated payment system, so we can only do this manually. Just send us an email with a list of stuff you want to buy, your address and any gift or promo codes you potentially possess, and we will reply to you as quickly as possible with the total of your purchase in Bitcoin currency, and the Bitcoin address for the transaction.

The price of Bitcoin is volatile. In order to be fair to both parties and even out some of the daily spikes, we will look up the global average price of the day that you sent your email on bitcoinaverage.com and use the daily average exchange rate for our conversion.

Stef wanted to do this for over a year now, but those of us who know us, also know how slow we are with implementing changes in our website. But now that Bitcoin got a new level of publicity, we want to seize the opportunity to jump on the bandwagon. If we’re late or early, time will tell, but we’re intrigued by the idea of a truly decentralized global currency and wanted to contribute our tiny share to its success.

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