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Nobody notices aircraft mechanics

The world is full of thankless tasks. But if you work a thankless job, at least you get paid! Not enough, I’m sure, but let’s be honest, who really feels like they get paid enough for the job they do?

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Testing aviation tools

Oh boy! All the places I used to work you’d probably get lynched by the maintenance staff if you took ANY of their tools, let alone a whole bunch, without asking them first. The one thing that is worse than

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Chicken Wings Classic – I’ve got a squawk

This classic strip idea came from back when I was still very actively working as an airplane mechanic at a little flight school. We were working on all kinds of planes of all shapes and sizes and also had a

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Let me start out with wishing all of you a HAPPY 2017! Turning over a new leaf is always exciting! May 2017 bring you great times and adventures! I’ve been very busy in the last couple of days so I

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