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Marshalling signals

Who all in the coop knows the actual marshalling signal meanings Julio is trying to convey? I think Julio’s faces on this strip are priceless. They might actually give away more what he means than the movement of his wands,

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Parking position

I guess we all know the feeling of thinking that everything that happens around you somehow relates to you. Especially as an insecure teenager, I always had the feeling that, whenever somebody was laughing or talking somewhere that they might

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Julio the unforgiving

Well, fortunately for Chuck, Christmas is coming soon, and that is the season where we tend to forgive our fellow men (or chickens) much more easily! By the way: Have you already done your Christmas shopping? I know that I

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Hans trying to marshal

Let me take this opportunity to talk to you about hand dryers. There’s the ones that are really really hot, but blow very weakly. I hate those! Then there’s the ones that aren’t necessarily that hot, but produce a hurricane-like

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