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Ubergrossenbacher Enterprises

So Chuck just got back from the Heli Expo 2015 in Orlando and told me about yet another change at Airbus Helicopters, formerly known as Eurocopter, formerly known as Aerospatiale. Now they are changing the name of the iconic helicopter,

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Helicopter logbooks

Paperwork and aviation, my favorite topic! 😉 The company I used to work for had a whole library full of helicopter log books and that was only for a few helicopters they owned and a few more for helicopters they

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Theme music

And the mug goes to … William Vergonet! (Boy, I hope I spelled that right) Thanks for playing, guys! We’ll have another contest soon. I think it’s great that a mechanic won the Julio mug! The runner up and winner

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Buzzing the golf course

Where I used to work we flew right over a golf course if we were departing southbound. Being the cartoon-type creative mind I had always wondered what would happen if we “picked up” a golf ball on departure. I’m sure

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