Celebration Sale! 15% OFF!

To celebrate the launch of our new site, we have decided to offer you special discounts in our online shops! So…

UNTIL JULY 7th, there’s a
in our US Online Shop and our European Online Shop! This offer is valid until July 7th. the 15% discount is added to all existing discounts and special offers. Be sure not to miss out on this special deal!

This offer is only valid for the two stores mentioned above and does not extend to third party vendors, such as iTunes or cafepress.com.

New Chicken Wings Website

Ladies and gentlemen and everybody else, we proudly present our new website!

Well well, it was a long time coming, and in the manner of most successful businesses out there we managed to procrastinate and change deadlines throughout half the year. But now it’s finally online! There is still a lot of work to be done. Most notably, we have to re-enter all the previously published comics into our new system, which we will do step by step through the course of time.

Our old website was growing through the years and turned into a botched up patchwork where every other function wasn’t properly working anymore. Now, we managed to integrate almost everything into a single system, and could also add a whole bunch of new features, most notably the option to subscribe to us via Twitter, email or RSS and the possibility to buy each strip as a print or printed on a mug, t-shirt or whatever through our expanded cafepress store.

We’re looking forward to your feedback!! We’re anxious to see how the Twitter and RSS feed etc. will work. We haven’t done anything like this before, so we’d very much appreciate any feedback concerning these functions. If you come across any glitches, mistakes, typos or have other suggestions to make, please mail us or post it in our forum! Thanks!

Going M.I.A. – New iPhone App – New Panaca Jane Gear

Dear friends and fans of Chicken Wings! We have a few bigger announcements for you today:


In a few days, Mike will leave for a fire contract in Mexico, and I will leave for a long trip through Southeast Asia. We will both be back by around April 18th. During the following weeks our comic updates will be irregular. We will try to post a strip every week, but we probably might not always make it on time. During this period, our European Online Shop will be completely shut down. If you think about ordering something, please do so before Thursday this week! Our American Online Shop will stay fully operational!

Due to technical problems with our website, we won’t be able to blog while we’re away. When we’ve got something to say, we will do that through our forum. We will launch the highly overdue remake and update of our website very soon after we return! So, all you people asking for RSS feeds etc., you won’t have to wait much longer!


We have just launched our newest iPhone app! It is the first half of our latest book turned into an easy read on your iPhone. Browse, flip through, bookmark and enjoy our strips wherever you go! Includes the encyclopedia and the option to email your favorite strips to friends. You can find it, as well as our previous apps (free sample comic strips and the great game “ChickenWhack”) through the page of our iPhone app partner Patoing.


We have also just added new great products of Panaca Jane, Mike’s firefighting helicopter nose art turned outdoor fashion brand, to our American Online Shop. You can get the classic t-shirts with a more outdoor-vintage looking distressed look and more of an off-white color on the logo. We now also offer longsleeve shirts and beanies! Check it out!

Chuck goes to Australia

Check this out guys!

We were talking in the forum about how many languages Chuck already speaks since we just added “Russian” to the numerous languages you can already find Chicken Wings in all over the globe. Well, as it often happens in the forum, the messing-around commences and the suggestion was made to translate Chicken Wings into “Australian”. Well……our buddy (excuse me, “mate”) Gibbo from the forum stepped up to the plate and I just had to put this on the front page!
And does anybody else see the humor in the fact that we picked a strip with Chuck and Julio in the snow?