Top Gun Trailer Parody

It’s done! Our new animated short has just been released into the wilds of Youtube! Check it out! It’s a parody of the “Top Gun 2 Maverick” trailer. Chuck is somewhat of a Maverick in his own mind, but ends up a little short of captaining an F-18 …

Top Gun Trailer Parody

Help us become famous, so we can knock out more of these shorts and reach our goal of turning this into a whole animated series! Please like, share, subscribe and all that! Tell your aviation buddies! Tell your neighbor! Call your grandma!

2 comments on “Top Gun Trailer Parody
  1. Delta-v says:

    The last I heard it was still a one-way trip with no hope of getting back. If Julio knew that, he might be more supportive of Chuck’s ambitions. 🙂

  2. Karel A.J. ADAMS says:

    Sorry, but do not tell me what I HAVE to see or do or feel or whatever. Admitting I am a European 68’er, I cherish my freedom to choose what I see or do or feel or whatever.

    Above all, do not try to lure me into movies: they are all about illusions. Totally contrary to the real freedom of flying.

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