Server Glitch

We had a server crash yesterday, so we sincerely apologize to all of you who frantically tried to access our site for your chicken fix yesterday, but couldn’t, and thus had to go through temporary withdrawal! Our provider restored the site from the last backup, but we still lost about half a day of data. Which means we have lost a few posts in our forum… So if you wrote a captivating treatise or astounded us with your witticism yesterday, but now are unable to find your excellent piece of prose, it probably was lost. We’re sorry!

S…tuff happens, obviously. Our last crash like this was over five years ago, so we should be safe now until 2015! 🙂

One comment on “Server Glitch
  1. Rob de Vries says:

    Well, no cartoon of Chuck trying to fly (and obviously crash) a computer to the disbelieve of Julio?

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