The Chicken Wings e-Book!

As some of you might know, our chickens went digital in the form of Kindle back in 2012 when this book came out. It was quite a learning process for us in this new scary digital world. We spent a lot of research and bought many other Kindle comics to see what guys were doing and what we didn’t like in order to make this book a better experience for our readers.

Chicken Wings 4 - Gold Rush - eBook Cover - Kindle Version

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At the time, color readers had just come out and we didn’t have the variety we have now. There also weren’t a whole lot of Kindle comics out back and a lot of them seemed clunky and hard to use which we are sure has changed by now. Some were just scanned images with no function and options. Hopefully we did a better job than that.

We were curious to see if any of you tuning in on regular basis have the Kindle Version and what you thought of it. Maybe even share a little review with us on Amazon?

Please let us know. If we see a lot of interest, we might come out with more apps and Kindle stuff in the near future.

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