New book released on July 17! Preorder now! 20% DISCOUNT for the first 20 preorders!!

Okay, it’s on! While we are officially releasing our new book “Chicken Wings 4 – Gold Rush” in Oshkosh, we have decided to start selling and shipping them in our two webshops a week earlier. On Tuesday, July 17, to be precise! But it gets even better:

You can preorder your copy as of now, and the first twenty orders in each shop will receive a 20% discount!

Choose from one of our Online Shops:

Online Shop Europe
for orders from Europe.

Online Shop USA
for orders from the US and the rest of the world.

Important: In order to receive this discount, you have to enter the
promo code “BOOK4”.

Chicken Wings 4 - Gold Rush

If you enter the code and the shop system doesn’t give you a discount, it means you were too late.

All orders that include a copy of our new book that come in within the next two weeks will
be treated as preorders and will be shipped on July 17th.

A special notice for people who want to order from our European Online Shop: Due to my trip to Oshkosh and some badly timed travel plans, the shop will be on hiatus for a month, from July 20 to August 23. I can only process your orders if they reach me until July 20th! After that you will be able to buy the book in well assorted pilot shops throughout Europe. We’ll be fully operational again after August 23!

Our US Online Shop will remain fully operational! (except for the couple of days we’re at Oshkosh).

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