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Hi there, friends! I have tried to upgrade our forum today, but somehow there’s a glitch and some of the info doesn’t show… I haven’t yet managed to fix it yet, so please bear with me! I just have to go to bed now, because it’s already 2AM here. EDIT: That problem has already been resolved, and our forum is working again, with a slight design change.

And secondly, someone’s trying to delete the Wikipedia Page about Chicken Wings. If there’s any active Wikipedia Editors out there, any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you for your help/patience and good night!

14 comments on “Forum Issues / Wikipedia
  1. chulian says:

    done and done, i think they dont like the merchadising link on the wiki

  2. chulian says:

    also talk with the wiki guys u own the copy rights of the images because doh! 😛

  3. Paolo says:

    I’m on your side 🙂
    Already set some references and step by the “keep side” in the “deletion talk” page.

  4. stef says:

    Thanks a lot, chulian!! Really appreciate it! Yeah, I’m working on the copyright issue of our images…

  5. stef says:

    Thanks, Paolo! You’re awesome!! 😀

  6. Brad says:

    Not sure if I did it right, but I tried to make some noise on the Keep side.

  7. fyrflier says:

    you know Atlantic Flyer and Alabama Aviator link to you also, right?!
    Aren’t there numerous more websites who publish the latest one of your strips?

  8. Bunthorne says:

    I think there’s some confusion here. From the looks of it, no one at Wikipedia is attempting to delete the article. I think that one of the bots is “questioning” the jpg’s, but as far as I can tell, the article is safe. Hope I’m right.

  9. stef says:

    @Burnthorne: It’s both. The same person who flagged the images for questionable copyright also marked the whole article for speedy deletion. On the top of the article you see a note that leads to a discussion page.

    I’m already on the case of “releasing the images properly”, although I have to say the whole process seems unnecessarily complicated and confusing to me. But then, I think the whole idea of intellectual property and our current copyright laws are a big joke.

  10. Braniff747SP says:

    I saw that AfD- I was surprised. Not just as a reader, but as an active Wikipedia editor. The article is of a perfectly notable subject, and has adequate sources showing that. I actually spend a decent amount of time on AfD- I saw the nomination before coming here… Anyhow, naturally a keep from me.

  11. Braniff747SP says:

    And on the subject of the images: Wikipedia is based on free everything; they need to verify that it is you allowing the images to be used… A bit of a pain, but that keeps the project free.

  12. stef says:

    Thank you, Braniff and everybody else who has chimed in!! Well, now I guess we will have to wait and see. How are those things decided anyway?

  13. Woo hoo! Great to see that the Wikipedia page is no longer flagged for deletion. Celebration beer time!!!! 🙂

    Good luck sorting out the graphics aspect. It’ll be good to get them back into the Wikipedia page.

  14. stef says:

    Thanks, Grant! Beer is a good idea! 🙂

    Yes, I sent a couple of emails back and forth regarding the images, even looking up the standard form they need to give permission etc., but somehow they deleted them anyway. I will upload some new images when I find the time and see if this procedure will repeat itself…

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