Chicken Wings 6 – Check Your Six

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Against all odds, Roost Air is still in business. ­Julio deserves a medal for sticking around this long. Chuck acquires a hangar to move his Corsair ­project along but might get a little sidetracked. Jason is still ­struggling to pass his pilot’s exam which is no surprise when you look at his ­instructor. Hans tries new management strategies and the hangar gets painted. In the end, Chuck makes a flawless landing … or does he?



The sixth collection of Chicken Wings comic strips. Well over 250 comics and cartoons spread over 78 pages.

78 pages, full color.
Product dimensions: A4, 29,7 x 21 x 5,5 cm, 375g
ISBN 978-1-5323-6929-2
Published by Michael and Stefan Strasser

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Weight 380 g
Dimensions 29.7 × 21 × 5.5 cm
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