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Meet the authors

Today will be our first day at Oshkosh! At least I have the advantage to have seen about 5% of what this show has to offer last year but for Stefan today will be like drinking from a firehose! It’s

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Yellow Piper Cub

In this strip, Chuck and Julio unknowingly stumbled into Oshkosh’s “Piper Cub – Fields of Yellow” event. (Check out the website!) What they don’t know is that Piper Cub owners have been getting organized for many months to turn the

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Oshkosh Approach

As some of you also commented on our last strip, I hope we will end up at the right Oshkosh too! But Mike was already there once, so I bet he knows the way. For me, it’s going to be

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Landing in Oshkosh

Chuck and Julio are going to Oshkosh for the first time in their life! Well, Oshkosh, Nebraska… Hopefully they’ll make it in time for Oshkosh, Wisconsin and AirVenture 2012. Find out on Thursday! Also, Mike and Stefan will be going

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