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Antarctica Information Site
« on: February 11, 2007, 07:56:02 PM »

I was just looking at this site, and thought some of you might enjoy it too.   

I have never had the adventure of going to Antarctica, but some of my friends have worked down there for a number of years, and I have always enjoyed their crazy stories, especially the links to aviation.    :)

I know a couple of incredibly talented mechanics who have made multiple trips to rebuild airplanes "on the ice", stuff I would never believe if I hadn't seen the photos and heard it first-hand.  My favorite of those was the DC-3 that was SO buried in the drifted snow that they dug underneath it, and used the wings as the CEILING for their makeshift "shop", and spent just under 2 months rebuilding it.  They flew it out, and it flew all the way home to Canada, they did such a good job.   |:)\

Anyway, forgive me, I'm babbling again, but here's the link:       (The name reflects the general latitude south.)

It's for all manner of general information on the continent, not just aviation, but every now and then they have interesting flying stories, too. 

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