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Double checkride
« on: December 25, 2017, 05:10:39 PM »
It's always one of those events that adds just a little more stress to your checkride when your watcher is being watched!   

I got a new type rating last week and had an FAA observer.  We found out afterwards that the APD giving us our ride was actually getting HIS initial checkride to be an APD.   So the FAA observer really was giving us the checkride, just with an intermediary.   Fortunately we all passed and the new APD complimented on us doing so well that it took stress off of him.   The other pilot had been flying for 30 years+ and this was the first time he'd gotten a temporary certificate where the examiner listed didn't put down an expiration date, since the FAA inspector's authorization doesn't expire.

Of course weather isn't an issue with a level D simulator, so it doesn't really matter what it's like outside.   I can imagine that they tend to observe more day time slots than the ones with 4am shows though!
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