Author Topic: For You Helicopter Pilots -- Where Does One Learn the Lunchbox Maneuver?  (Read 5204 times)

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I was hoping you guys could tell me where exactly you learn to do THIS neat-O stuff in a helicopter......    ::eek::     :o


MD Helicopters 369FF, Santa Clarita, California;  May 1, 2009.

The pilot's failure to maintain clearance from the water while maneuvering at low altitude was the cause of the accident that severely damaged the helicopter, according to the NTSB.

The pilot told investigators that one of the passengers he had just transported to a work site had dropped his lunch pail into a reservoir.  The pilot unsuccessfully attempted to snag it using a grappling hook on the end of a 40-foot-line attached to the helicopter's cargo hook.  He then descended to approximately 10 feet above the surface and tried to use the main rotor blade wash to push the floating lunch pail toward the shore.

The grappling hook, still suspended below the helicopter, caught on a submerged obstruction and caused the helicopter to spin twice before the pilot rolled off the power and landed with one skid in the water.  Examination of the helicopter revealed a torsional fracture and separation of the tail rotor as a result of the tail rotor blades striking the water. 
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Bummer......Note to self...... ::whistle:: ::whistle:: ::drinking:: ::drinking::
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Somebody must have been one hell of a cook. ??? ???

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Oh man! How did my accident get out. HA just kidding. Imagine explaining that one to the Feds ::rofl::
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note to self: remove the ill-attached grappeling hook before flying low level.....


Chuck wouldn't even do that !  :-\
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more of a stunt for my taste

who impress me the most are the really good longline guys. having done my fair share I know how hard that is....

this is also pretty impressive:
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