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Re: Iron Eagle
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YawningMan: There's a guy that made some fantastic MS FSX movies, he states he's totally allergic to any song that was on the Top Gun soundtrack, that comes close right? That being said then don't you at least like the footage of the F-14's? That the flying broke rule after rule, and might've been a bit unrealistic (Goose hitting the canopy despite the high seatback) that's another matter. What about Chevalier du Ciel (actually based on a classic european comic), it's been called the Top Gun movie for the 21st century, and I think it fits.


Btw, you mentioned Always, I haven't seen it in years so I wasn't sure how much flying there was, but since you mention it I take it that it's got some good scenes in it? I also like the actors who are in it so maybe I should see if I can't find it on DVD, it seems like an overlooked movie so it's probably very possible to find it at a low price.


I feel the same way as that guy you mentioned. I think Top Gun songs have ruined too many flying videos on YouTube. If I want to see F-14s on film, I'll pop in The Final Countdown. They basically show every other airplane in the fleet at that time as well as some of the ship fleet during that movie. I haven't seen Chevalier du Ciel. I suspect I've seen clips from it on Metacafe, though. I think it might have been called Jet Fighter for English-speaking audiences.

*** SPOILER ***

Always was pretty good, but there's this one scene of an A-26 just before it gets ditched in the drink that makes the whole movie about ten times better just because it's in there. That one scene is melancholy and magical at the same time.


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Re: Iron Eagle
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We had a discussion in an aviation safety class about this, and as I'm wont to do, we took it a little further than the FAA
intended. Solely to illustrate a point, as I've seen where the original attitudes do have a negative effect on safety, I also
noted that going too far with the 'antidotal' side could be hazardous as well... In the end, it's our responsibility, and up to us as
individuals to know when sticking single-mindedly to the rules is more dangerous than using the grey matter more creatively.

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Re: Iron Eagle
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HA HA!  Nice!  ::rofl::
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Re: Iron Eagle
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Iron Eagle? nah I'll stick to Battle of Brittain thank you very much lots of Spitfires, Hurricanes and pretend "Heinkels" and "Messerschmits"  ;D
Heinkels and Messerschmits were spanish made by CASA, with RollsRoyce engines...(Germany was not producing BMW, Mercedes aircraft engines nor anything else, because we lost the war...only VW's weere being produced) they look British in their engine configuration! But the flying is good, vell worth seeing the movie,  starts with a flying 'Tante Ju', my godmother of flight:

my family was living in Pamplona in Jan 1950, when a medical error burned my whole digestive tract. In emergency, uncle Otto Skortzeny suplied a special flight in a 'Tante Ju' from Iberia, flying from Pamplona to Barajas airport at Madrid. No cabin presurisation, that tin goose was unable to fly higher than the nearby mountain tops...the music of three radials at full throtle, barely taking off that Ju-52/3m before the grass strip ended, hooked me into flight...this other video very much replicates what I felt that day...except it was impossible to hear any orquestra (anything at all, for that matter) in a flying 'Tante Ju! But flying among the Navarra mountains in the winter was similar...

I have flown as a passenger in a Messerschmit Bf-108 Taifun, camouflaged as a Me-109 for movies (the Geat Escape, 1963, with Steeve McQueen) an aircraft belonging to the Confederate Air Force in 1989, at the opening of Cuernavaca airport. I was part of the Skydive team, as reserve if anyone got sick. The 108 was a joy to hold the controls, (except an odd electric propeller pich control) all reports of the 109 being so difficult to handle does not aply to the 108...very stable and responsive! Landing was tricky, as with all tail dragers...There, flying later in a B-17, I went to the tail gun position...NOT FOR CLAUSTROFOBICS!!!

The ZERO's were fake...converted Texans! With good flying caracteristics, too. Never again have I been part of another air show...worth a whole life time!
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Re: Iron Eagle
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All of those have some good fly shots, but one of the best was Winged Devils. Or in Italian "Forza "G"
It's a cheesy love story concerning a pilot Who always wanted to fly with the  Frecce Tricolori. (Italian Air force Aerobatic team)
Like I said cheesy love story. Fantastic flying. Some of it is on Youtube.