Author Topic: Aeromexico flight from Cancun  (Read 1741 times)

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Aeromexico flight from Cancun
« on: September 13, 2009, 09:35:39 PM »
I am shure that for everybody in this UpAgainForum  |:)\ it's familiar news. Here is a link with video:,0,6512320.story

There are a few things we notice in México: my son lives in Xcaret, and takes the plane often at Cancún aitport. He says Security goes all the way down through your breeches ! He does not understand how come nobody noticed José.  ??? JUST the DAY BEFORE, the least loved president of México raised Taxes to the poor...for healing the poor's living condition! (eventually & in a future that never comes, of course)  ::knockedout::

All TV, Radio & Newspaper media in México, dedicated themselves solely to this crayze guy (as IF it was ordered).  ::loony:: Nobody comments on  the police MESSY action  to board the plane (20 guys wanting to enter the narrow entrance door, AT THE SAME TIME) nor on blowing cans of juice, with a fire cracker... ::silly:: ::silly:: ::silly::

Had it been Real Terrorism, it would have endeSd worst than in Munich (sorry: München) Olimpics...many believe it was a hoax. I believe it was a Drill that went sour, and the authotiries responsible directed it like "the real thing" to avoid being fired.  ::whistle::

The Crew & Captain  |:)\ actions were PERFECT!  |:)\ Control tower too  |:)\ I don´t tink they were involved in theatricals at all! But the Police that does not solve the Juárez women assasinations for decades, the kidnapings  & assasinations of news reporters, or ask us for Money,Money,Money without any provocation: they have become all of a sudden, so FAST ???  ::sleep:: ::sleep:: ::sleep:: & FURIUS  ::banghead::

México is a Catholic majority, and not very tolerant with other religions, either.  ::thinking:: This gives a bad name to Evangelists  ::unbelieveable:: (I believe religions, like sexual prefferences or writing, are something personal and of free will)  ::sulk::
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