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Re: Flight Sim
« Reply #60 on: June 03, 2006, 02:11:27 PM »
Np at all, and don't be sorry, I'm not one that gets sad or envy when good things happend to good people, I just sometimes wish I could be with them, but never instead of them so no worries at all :)

Actually I should give an apology since it could be recieved a bit negatively but that wasn't what I wanted. Take care and have fun :)

No worries on your side either! I never met you, but in this forum, and you do not really seem a difficult person to talk with, or a naughty/nasty person, on the contraryÖall the contrary!!!! But I can see your point of view: sometimes I get worried about having written something that could be read in a different way from what I mean, the meaning lost in translation!† ;) ;)
I give that landing a 9 . . . on the Richter scale.

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Re: Flight Sim
« Reply #61 on: June 04, 2006, 09:22:09 PM »
Frank, now let me tell you one of my stories. This one is for you personally:

As I was young I tried to become a pilot. It was my greatest whish. But at that time I had to wear glasses already. My parents had been not so rich to finance my a licence so I had to try it via the army. But they did not take me on as a pilot due to my glasses. I also had been quite gifted with technical talents, so I became an aircraft engineer. But still I dreamed to become a pilot. It did not work. I went on to earn more money to buy me a licence, should mean, to finance it myself. It didnít work out ether. In the meantime I became a reasonable engineer and top specialist on the Bell 206 Long Ranger. I also met a wonderful wife and was allowed to be whiteness of the birth of our first son.

Still I tried to become a pilot. I went to Africa to earn even more money to make my dreams come true. Down in Port Harcourt (PHC)  I became a specialist on the AS 365 Dauphin and could track and balance this second to none. So I flew a lot. This helo. As an engineer on the second seat. I got support from the pilots there to become a pilot to do maintenance test flights. All was set up perfectly. I spoke to my chef engineer, the operations manager, senior training pilot.

Than, one morning, very early, I had to do a track and balance flight to get an aircraft ready for the regular business which started at eight oíclock in the morning. A lot of pressure was on to get the job done right in a very short time (sun raises at seven in PHC). We took off and I did my things. On the way back I always was allowed to land the Dolphin. At this morning my thoughts went off with the track and balance problem and how I get this problem fixed in that short time available. I did a lot but not flying the helo. So I slammed it into the ground. The PIC took over right in time and gave be a big blow. Without his reaction I would have destroyed the Dauphin and killed myself and all on board. Ashamed I went away.

Then I started to think. I found that this will happen again, if I fly on my own. I had to make a decision: ether be a good engineer or a good pilot. To become a good pilot I found for myself Iím to old already. So I sat there and decided to drop my wishes and plans, to save the money, and to survive. Today Iím still glad with my decision. I went on to be a good engineer on the Dauphin and did a lot of perfect track and balance jobs. With flying the Dauphin back to base. I got lessons to fly this helo. I learned how to taxi, how to take off, to hover, to fly. I had a great time on the second seat. Thanks to all who let me do it.

I just want to give an other perspective to you. With this story I donít want to talk you out of your dreams. Never-ever! All I try to is to take some strain. Key Sarah, Sarah, what ever will be, will be. The future is not ours to see, key Sarah, Sarah.
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Re: Flight Sim
« Reply #62 on: December 08, 2006, 05:47:00 AM »
I'm sure I read it, but I must've forgotten to reply to this. Thank you for the post, it's very insightful and confirms what I've already analyzed about myself (a natural skill of mine that I surely got from my dad and one that's extremely useful) and I know my limits and what conditions I need for me to do certain tasks (this varies with the circumstances and how hard/important the task is, driving on icy roads while being tailgated by a truck is hard and important, arranging my desk less so, just to give an example).

If I ever even get close to a flying machine again I know I'll never get to fly a 747 or Concorde, but I don't want to either, at least not as PIC, maybe a passenger, and also my dreams aren't that wild compared to others, they may dream of a mansion, a Ferrari and a Gulfstream, I'm more of a nice house made to suit my use, a Ford/Subaru sedan with no more power/equipment than I need, and a Cardinal/Commander (ok the first and last both seem totally unoptainable, even just one of them but those are my highest dreams and my dreams are usually made to be realised, not just dreamt about).

I've had several shocks close to me this week but I'm trying to relax my nerves and regain concentration, and it seems to be helping. I've had bad times before so I've learned to read myself when I need to rest and not do anything with consequences, sort of like damage control when having a depression and sorrow spell that I know will stop in a few days from past experience. I'm still trying to live, still trying to enjoy life, I just need to find a place to do it, but life is vast so there are a lot of things to consider, but I'm still trying. I've got some questions out atm for how to live and what work I might get that I am capapable of and that I might enjoy, which is what I need to do to give it my best, and I got some searchers out for helping me and my mom, and we're already well underway getting that bad Peugeot replaced with a better car that's also cheaper to run in some areas (lower insurance (although I have no idea how a Subaru AWD can be cheaper than a small Peugeot 1.4) and the county pays the annual owner's tax since it'll be a handicap car).

And now back on topic, has anyone tried FSX? I'm sad to see Rod Machado is no longer the instructor, but the missions are great fun and very varied, from stunt flying to CAP and rescue missions, emergency tests, test flying etc. etc. and there are tools included (in the Deluxe Version) that has everything needed to create all kinds of add-ons, and it seems the SDK's are even better and easier to use than before.

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