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Re: question for the helicopter types
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I always thought Battle Mountain was a rather pretty place, but somewhat isolated.  Not nearly as isolated as Ely, though.   ::thinking::

The one town in northen Nevada I can never forget is Wells.  During my truck driving days, the local brothels in Wells always had girls chatting on CB Channel 19, advising the drivers they should stop in for free coffee and free showers.  I'll admit that I actually did that once, and was very glad for the service.  I just had to apologize to the redhead that showed me to the shower when she asked me if I wanted to "Party", because I was trying to make it to Vegas as quickly as I could that day.  I still have in my wallet today a "Free Drink" card from the brothel.

Maybe I should scan that thing and post it for y'all to see...   ::thinking:: ;D
::rofl:: ::rofl:: ::rofl:: ::rofl:: ::rofl::only in nevada 
WOW I did that!