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Title: how much is learn to fly in USA
Post by: Lars on September 27, 2010, 01:59:14 AM
as i said to you , I'm a Brazilian , that means I'm leaving in a tax hell , everything Is absurdly overtaxed in a way that is almost impossible to imagine for a American.

Here the basic training air plane is a Piper J-3, well not exactly the J-3 but tow licensed build air plane with the name " Paulistinha and Aero Boero "  and the fly hour is U$150,00

I wonder how much it will be fly in a country where the planes spare parts and gasoline aren't spoiled in taxed by the government

and in witch plane do you do it there 
Title: Re: how much is learn to fly in USA
Post by: K^2 on October 05, 2010, 11:18:07 AM
The airport at our university (1G3) charges $7,000 for part 141 private pilot training, which is about 45 hours. So you are still looking at $150/hour or so. You'd be flying a C152, though, which is definitely a better plane to learn on, and this is an FAA certified flight school.

Avgas goes for $5/gallon here, and 152 eats through 5-6 gallons of that stuff for hour of flight time, so that doesn't seem to be the major contributor to the cost.

Apparently, you can get part 61 training cheaper around here, but I'm not sure how much cheaper and what you'd be flying.
Title: Re: how much is learn to fly in USA
Post by: Artoo on October 07, 2010, 07:55:08 PM
Along this line of thought, can we get some feedback from our professionals about how they financed their education?  It's one thing to cash flow about 7 grand to get a PPL, it's another thing entirely to fork over the cash for Instrument, Commercial, Multi, not to mention building time, and then where do you find work?  I've thought about going the loan route, but I'm not a fan of borrowing money when you have no clear vision on how to pay it back.  How long do you have to work in an average job before you are able to clear the note and break even?  Borrowing money is essentially betting you won't fail to capitalize on your investment in education.  This topic always turns me into a negative nancy and I'm prone to see everything in a worst case scenario.

So the big question is how did you get where you are?
Title: Re: how much is learn to fly in USA
Post by: Lars on October 07, 2010, 09:11:27 PM
$150/h ina a C-152 so here is not that expansive, I signed today the contract for my practical lessons  cost
ab-115 $90/h 40h
c-172g $120/h 80h
simulator IFR $25/h 40h
c-172g IFR  $ 135,00/h 15h
Multi IFR c 310 $420/h  15h 

all in the SBAQ airport
but i'm paying all in advance so I'm getting a huge discount and it's the cheapest flying school here, the airport is cheap and the school have a mechanical classes to so the teachers and the students do all the maintenance in theres so it's cheaper.

here you still can after the PC become a fly instructor is the most common way for gathering hours , but the government fly regulation organ is trying to approve a new regulation that fly instructor only with +500h, that will be good because We'll have better instructors but how gather hours now is the question , and the fly lesson will be much more expensive


the Avigas here in Brazil is $10,24/gal
the kerosene $11,38~22,76/gal , that creates a problem planes takeoff from cheaper airports with full tank and from expensive ones with the minimum
ethanol $2,95/gal , but only a few fly in ethanol it have a big prejudice because is national and as a 3rd word country we don't like national things, and because is cheaper, the Ipanema ( is the only one with a factory ethanol engine, but manly farmers and gold-diggers use local produced ethanol , ethanol engines are most pawerfull than the Avigas ones but the consumption is higher 1 gal of ethanol fly the same as 0,7 gal of ethanol. here we don't have any subside for agricultural products in fact we have taxes
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