Month: October 2011

The Silver Chicken (10 year anniversary silver coin)

We have a very special day coming up! On November 8th, 2001, we sat down at night and invented Chicken Wings on a paper towel. So we have a few special happenings lined up for the month of November! And

Featured Book of the Week

“Please Wait To Be Seated!” “Please Wait, to be seated” is the third book of the very succesful aviation cartoon collection put together by Martin Leeuwis. It’s now avaliable in both Chicken Online Shops. This time he found 30 artists

Chuck, is that you?

Hi Guys! For this post I want to share an email we received from Croatia. Apparently one of our followers had spotted Chuck walking to his Cessna! We love getting mail like this! Here is the letter he wrote: Mr.

Featured Book of the Week

“SQUAWK 7700” If you have ever thought of making airline flying your career or you are generally interested how the industry works I highly recommend this book. It is not the classic “Chicken Wings style” humor book but rather a