Wrenching is hard work

When I was in the army (which is mandatory here, if you have the wrong sort of genitals), we had a guy who was constantly trying to make jokes and witty remarks. Every now and then, they were really funny! But 95% of the time they were duds, and everybody would just shake their heads and sigh. One of the guys once said to me: “I like you better, because you don’t say much, but when you do it’s funny. Not like this guy!”

To which I replied: “I come up with pretty much the same amount of dumb things to say as the other guy. The difference is just that I filter out 95% and don’t say it.” Which they also considered to be funny. But actually I was just speaking the truth. My brain comes up with ridiculous stuff all the time, and the majority is actually pretty un-funny. The key is just to have enough self control and the discernment to tell when to speak and when to keep it shut. But good lord, I hope I never lose the function of my frontal lobes, because then I’d probably be an insufferable human being.

Oh and sorry for the late upload! I was engrossed in some other work and totally forgot about it …

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7 comments on “Wrenching is hard work
  1. JP Kalishek says:

    “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.”
    attributed to Abraham Lincoln

  2. Speedsix says:

    Oh man, how I agree with both of you and the present strip! When I was younger, I tried to impress people by being eloquent – or what I thought to be eloquent. By now, I hold back most of my “witty” comments and I try to become a mindful and empathic listener who thinks a lot before answering a question. This has definitely gained me a far more social appreciation.

  3. Fbs says:

    Chuck should remove it’s white pilot shirt when he goes wrenching the corsair otherwise it won’t stay white very long

  4. JP Kalishek says:

    FBS, I doubt Chuck owns a shirt that isn’t white with captain bars on it.

  5. Fbs says:

    @JP: I think you’re right. Good for the business of the shirt vendor, because they will never be truly white again…Wondering about what can be worse : old dirty and cooked graphite grease or exhaust pipe rust ?

  6. JP Kalishek says:

    @ Fbs: Anti-seize and graphite grease, they grow … every ounce makes a 16 ounce mess!

  7. Trantor says:

    Add Skydrol to that list… 😉

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