Looking for the pilot

With Chuck constantly wearing his really dark sunglasses we were just dying to do something like that to him. It just took some time to figure out how to get him there but I think it came out good.
And yes, Chuck is whistling in the second panel, we already know what many of you will say…

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7 comments on “Looking for the pilot
  1. Big Nemo says:

    snopes.com: Blind Pilot

    I heard the same story a long time ago (before the internet!) – only, it was a trans-Atlantic flight and the plane stopped at Tenerife.

    Still funny though.

  2. Mark says:


    Interesting, two people asking a blind person: We are here for our scenic flight, “we are looking for our pilot(??)”

  3. Marcus says:

    I wonder if Alex & Julio did this on purpose…

  4. D.Durand says:

    Well, it’s a bird. It’s not normal for bird to whistling ?

  5. Allstar says:

    A simple way to clarify would be to put a single eighth note in a speech bubble above his head.

  6. Thordalf says:

    Those clients never heard of blind flying…

  7. Kristen says:

    Actually, most birds can whistle quite easily, just not chickens. Also, as a chicken-raiser, roosters *Julio, Chuck* would look better with sickle-feathers *rooster tails* instead of little hens’ tails. But…great series, anyway.

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