Itsy bitsy spider

This one here was also inspired by real events. Granted, I’m no pilot. But it happened to me, while driving a car in very busy city traffic, that a spider was rappelling from the sunshield-thingy right in front of my eyes! Fortunately, we don’t have poisonous spiders here, and I managed not to make any hasty maneuvers, but still, it was not a pleasant experience. I’m not scared by (most) spiders, and usually leave them alone, but I really don’t care for them entering my personal space.

But, as usual, when life gives you spiders, turn them into a comic strip!

By the way, whenever I hear the phrase “Itsy Bitsy Spider”, I have to think of Coldplay

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7 comments on “Itsy bitsy spider
  1. Kilrah says:

    Interestingly, I just read about a car accident that happened yesterday, caused by a spider…

  2. blint says:

    Now these cartoons definitely make my day worth getting up. Being a ‘graphical type’ I usually imagine and visualize things maybe that’s why I am so fond of your cartoons. Keep up the good work!

  3. Ryan says:

    I live in Australia where maintenance notices always start with “It’s summer so check nothing moved into your airplane or hangar over winter”, and flying magazines always have an editorial on the checks to be done, that are usually about snakes! When I started training I was taught how to clean the windscreen, which started with a whole discussion on how snakes and spiders could get into the bag where the cleaning rags were kept. I know more about kicking the bag to check for nasties than I do about windscreens!

  4. stef says:

    Thanks blint! Comments like yours make *my* day worth getting up!

    Ryan: Wow, yeah, I guess as a European I’m spoiled when it comes to poisonous animals. We can only find them in zoos. Do you ever get used to that? I guess I’d be freaked out if I had to check for snakes and spiders in my plane, house, car, shoes etc…

  5. Ryan says:

    I’ve noticed it doesn’t worry people here, they seem to grow up being aware and quite accepting of things like spiders. And the insecticide section of the supermarket is heavily used!

  6. Austrian_Blob says:

    Haha, happened to me some times, once my sister and the other time my ex-boyfriend-now-buddy, they freaked out about a tiny, tiny, TINY green garden spider, I was just like: OMG so cute!, they where like: OMG! Take it away!
    My mom gets nervous on wasps, we caught one in a bus (!) and let it free when we got off…
    And watch out for bees to!

  7. Kristen says:

    Love Chuck’s expression when he sees the spider. I don’t know aviation, so I don’t know what Skyhawks can do. It sounds very impressive, however. I’ve done crazy driving when a giant red wasp was in the car with me.

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