How about a compromise?

I’m not sure if you guys noticed but in this comic, the punchline is actually in the first panel instead of the last 😉

We thought it was really funny having Chuck say “I’m a reasonable man”, HAHA!

So now Chuck will have a fixer-upper airplane in a fixer-upper hangar. Where will the story go from here? What do you think? Let’s have you guys inspire us!

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13 comments on “How about a compromise?
  1. KenH says:

    Reasonable would be a panel 4 in the strip
    With Chuckles face down in his own blood with beak broken in half, X’s for eyes, and glasses broken in half with remaining lens shattered….

    You’re still breathing, chump
    Count yourself lucky

  2. Thomas V says:

    Chuck will spray the hanger with the helicopter to get rid of the rats.
    Finally he will bring in the Cessna, start up the engine inside the hangar and blow out the rotten walls. But this is not bad becauce the doors are too narrow for his Corsair.
    How about that?

  3. Bruce Bergman says:

    KenH has a point – You Do Not Touch A Man’s Tools. EVER. You ask first, or you’re likely to pull back a Stump. Julio is being overly gracious for not killing him on the spot – Chuck has to buy his own tools, and be responsible for them.

    Especially an A&P Mechanic, because they have to check their toolbox when done with a plane – if anything is missing he has to find it, or account for it, before moving on to the next plane. The FAA takes a rather dim view of loose tools bouncing around inside the engine.

  4. some reader says:

    This has nothing to do with the current comic, but here’s a story about an irresponsible pilot who beats Chuck:

    Delete this comment if you thint it’s tasteless.

  5. mike says:

    No, I’m leaving it. Even though it is not funny at all. I think it’s a good warning.
    We have to keep in mind that even though Roost-Air is all about fun and Stef and I like to underline the fun aspects of aviation, it is still a very dangerous game. I don’t think it is that bad as long as you are professional about it but as soon as you start messing around, things can go to hell very quickly.

    Ok, but now back to having fun.
    Where is the story going from here? Other than Chuck blowing himself up? 😉

  6. Louis says:

    There could be something about old hangars and bird nests…

  7. bernd says:

    some reader, The NTSB report really says they have no evidence of selfies being taken on the actual accident flight. Only on the preceding flight around the pattern. I think the major problem is not so much the photos being taken, but flight under VFR into night IMC, without being current for either. Sadly this happens all too often.

  8. Deathknyte says:

    Chuck burns down the hanger using some old oil lamps for light to work late at night on fixing up the hanger. Then the rats or rat-protection society take him to court afterwards for destroying their home.

  9. Hristo says:

    I see a good possibility for Chuck pulling of the most amazing stunt ever – doing it right on purpose and good will. In this case he can get the old hanger fixed by gathering money form surprisingly “swallowing” some of the excess pilot vanity and getting e second, third and so on job, much like many actual pilots in the U.S. Can you imagine at lunch time in Roost-Air how a Chuck-ish look-a-like delivery guy brings the food in the absence of Chuck, or Hans doing groceries and another Chuck-a-like helping him on the cash register and so-on? This could be accompanied by hilarious strips of him fixing every bit of inch of the place in between – with his very own set of tools. As newly licensed pilot in Europe I met a ton of guys who went incredible lengths for the much needed Euro to “fund the dream”, I didn’t get easier deal either, so I see how someone could relate to the endeavors of Chuck. I would really enjoy seeing how work pays of for him. Anyway, as huge Chuck fan, I am sure a line of great strips is on the way!

  10. ThisGuy says:

    The problem with old hangers in Europe is one a lot of people don’t expect (Atleast in rural situations). Barn swallows. Once they start nesting they are almost impossible to keep out and they can turn a good looking fleet of aircraft into a shit covered pile of firewood in no time flat if no precautions are taken. And even if you keep your aircraft covered to keep them sort of clean, the rest of the floor will be so dirty you don’t really want to work on it.

  11. Sparrowhawk says:

    Let Chuck have a test run on the Wright 2800, blowing towards the hangar. I think he will have the space to erect a completely new hangar in no time at all!

  12. Sparrowhawk says:

    Sorry, it´s a P&W R-2800. My bad. *blush*

  13. Magnus Danielson says:

    Look forward to see the fun when Chuck tries to buy cheap tools and have them fail greatly on him, the result must be hilarious *wing fall off*

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