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Returning Julio’s tools

I think we have established by now that Julio does not like lending out his tools. That’s because real aircraft mechanic are the same way. They have to buy their own tools for the most part and those fancy Snap-On

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Bent metal ruler

I’m not that overly protective of my tools. Which I think is probably mainly due to the fact that I don’t own many high end tools, but mostly mediocre and budget equipment. But I’m getting more and more sympathetic to

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At the shear table

Shear tables are awesome. But boy, do you need to pay attention to your fingers. That’s definitely one of the tools I wish I had, but I’ll probably never own a big enough workshop to put it in. Also, I

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You have to give it to Chuck that he is very ingenious in coming up with explanations. And to be fair, I guess one could assume that Chuck borrows so many parts and tools from Julio that he can do

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