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Julio’s parts room security

I have worked for many operators over the years and seen many different ways of how they deal with aircraft parts. I have encountered everything from small operator parts rooms where you just walk in and sign out your part,

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Giant leap for the Corsair project

So it seems Chuck might go with the Pappy Boyington paint scheme after all. Well, I guess we will have to wait until he can wrench himself away from the TV screen before any new steps are taken. And who

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Corsair fuselage: The next step

Chuck sure has his priorities straight. My guess is that his top priority right now is to spite Nobu. In a chummy sort of a way, I’m sure. Somehow the whole idea of WW2 rivalries reminds me of a scene

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Corsair fuselage

It was about time for Chuck to find another piece for his Corsair. We weren’t sure how much of the plane we would let him buy and if he will ever finish it. We like to think he will someday,

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