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Whats that noise?

Today’s strip was based on an idea from Kristian from Norway, who apparently had something similar happen to him. Although I can’t remember if in his case it also was a wheelbarrow or something else that made the noise. But

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Cessna Ignition Switch

I think I still have a few “worn-out” Cessna ignition switches in my old toolbox. I am not sure if it was a manufacturer thing or if our many new students had anything to do with it, but we changed

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Good maintenance practices

It’s amazing how easily Chuck gets distracted. But don’t we all know that guy in a way? I have had countless situations where people started out with the intention of helping, yet when you actually need them they are missing

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Nobody notices aircraft mechanics

The world is full of thankless tasks. But if you work a thankless job, at least you get paid! Not enough, I’m sure, but let’s be honest, who really feels like they get paid enough for the job they do?

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