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Helping with the inspection covers

Cessna inspection covers comic

Cessna inspection covers comic

There’s this old trope that men pretend to be stupid or clumsy at certain tasks so that their wife will become irritated to the point where she will just do it for him. I’m sure that’s true in some circumstances,

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Special radial engine oil

As long as Julio didn’t mix in some turbine oil with his waste oil, the old Pratt and Whitney radial might not exactly care what kind of oil is in there. I am pretty sure they might not have always

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New Radalt

I venture to say that nobody here will be surprised at the fact that Chuck doesn’t look at his gauges and probably doesn’t even know what all he has on his dashboard. In his defense though, he does fly a

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Fly for fun

Who of you in here has ever done something similar? You know, found a “little excuse” to take her out for a quick maintenance flight? I can neither confirm nor deny that I may or may not be guilty of

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