Mike lives in Las Vegas and works as the chief pilot for a helicopter outfit in Van Nuys, California. He has gathered many years of varied experience in aviation as a certified commercial pilot, fire pilot, mechanic and flight instructor.

Ever since he was a kid, Mike always wanted to become a pilot. His carreer started right after serving as a UN soldier in Cyprus, where he saved the money for his pilot license. Like so many others, the pursuit of his dream brought him to California. Following through with his plan cost him a lot of work, money and patience, but in the end he was successful, and is now leading an adventurous life as a fire helicopter pilot. He could write a book about his work if he thought anybody would believe it. But as it turned out, comic strips are a much more suitable medium to re-narrate his anecdotes anyway.

Stefan lives behind a drawing table in Vienna, Austria. With his nose about five inches from the paper and surrounded by hundreds of pens, sheets of paper and empty coffee cups, he would give uninformed onlookers the impression of a man with an obsessive-compulsive disorder of having to draw thousands of little chickens. In a way it’s not too far from the truth, because he makes his living as a comic artist, with Chicken Wings being the most important of his projects.

He never went to art school, but rather got himself something one could call a “decend education” (a masters degree in international trade). Just like his brother, he has inherited his parents’ “traveling bug” and so his studies brought him to Tokyo, Japan, where he spent more than two years in total, ate a lot of Sushi during that time and received several scholarships to study at Keio University and Tokyo University. After that he decided to become a freelancing illustrator and designer, lest he would have to find a real job.

Interviews and articles

Here are some links to interviews and articles about us. If you stumble across some writing about us that we seem to be unaware or, please let us know!

EAA Timeless Voices with Michael Strasser – November 2011

Mike was interviewed by the EAA for their Timeless Voices in Aviation series when he visited Oshkosh in 2011.

In this 42 minute interview he talks about how he became a pilot and the origins of Chicken Wings. So, if you want to know more about the background of Chicken Wings and the people who make it or some aviation inside scoop.

On Board interview with Stefan Strasser – Issue 6/2011

On Board is the internal magazine of the workers council at Austrian airlines for which Stef regularly draws cartoons on current issues of company politics. In their 6/2011 issue they interviewed Stef about his work. Read the article here! (German only!)

Fliegerweb – September 2011

The folks at fliegerweb.com did an article on us called “Chicken Wings, der Comic für Flieger” (German only!).

Flighttime Radio – January 2011

Milford and Charlie interview Mike for Flighttime Radio (Sat. January 1st, 2011, Show 155). You can find the interview on their podcast page, or download the mp3 file directly here from us.

Autopilot Magazine – August 2010

Daniel Beauregard interviewed us for the August 2010 issue of AutoPILOT magazine. Check out the online version of the article on their website, or download the PDF version here.

ViA Airport Journal Graz – Issue 2/2008

An article by ViA Airport Journal Graz (German only!). Read the Article here!