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Aviation related topics / Re: Wildfire Disaster Funding Act
« Last post by Mike on June 22, 2015, 12:18:59 AM »
After many years of fighting fire I STILL have not figured out where exactly the funds for it come from. I hear every year that they're almost out of funding, yet we keep flying. I just know there are many different huge pots for it "somewhere"....

And what if Washington AND California put in for this at the same time? Is this an unlimited pot?

Aviation related topics / Another similar callsign near miss
« Last post by Baradium on June 19, 2015, 07:12:37 PM »
Earlier this week:

Quote from: CNN

(CNN)—Two commercial planes almost collided at Chicago Midway International Airport Tuesday night, the Federal Aviation Administration confirmed.

Southwest flight 3828 was cleared for takeoff and started on the runway, but simultaneously Delta Air Lines 1328 also began on an intersecting runway without proper clearance according to a statement released by the FAA.

It caused a potentially harrowing situation as two planes should never be rolling for takeoff on intersecting runways.

The on-duty air traffic controller noticed the two planes headed toward the intersection, immediately warning the Delta flight. The controller can be heard yelling, "stop, stop, stop!" in the audio recording of the incident, which occurred at about 7:40 p.m. on Tuesday.

Both flights stopped 2,000 feet from the runway intersection, later the Southwest flight went on to Tulsa with no additional problems.

"We appreciate the professionalism of our pilots and the FAA Traffic Controller," Southwest said in a statement.

The FAA is investigating the situation, which Delta said they fully cooperating with.
Aviation related topics / Re: Wildfire Disaster Funding Act
« Last post by Baradium on June 19, 2015, 07:11:21 PM »
I'm personally a bit skeptical about the need for this.

Hurricanes and flooding are under special programs because they don't happen every year.  While there are up and down fire years, there always seems to be fire and the equipment and personnel need to be in place or in relatively quick access.  I personally feel the move should be more along the lines of normalizing more of the funding.

This whole mess of having people stand by and not get paid unless there is a fire is something that I still really dislike about how things are done, at least up here.   As far as I'm concerned, during fire season it should be more like a normal job with call time and a guaranteed pay rate.
Aviation related topics / Wildfire Disaster Funding Act
« Last post by Ragwing on June 17, 2015, 09:39:48 PM »
US Representative Derek Kilmer:

With Washington facing another dangerous wildfire season, it’s time to pass the Wildfire Disaster Funding Act. This legislation would fund emergency wildfire suppression efforts through separate disaster programs, like those that fund hurricane and flood relief efforts. With this approach we can get aid more quickly to folks in harm’s way and can more effectively focus on prevention measures to better protect homes and businesses before a massive fire strikes. Take a look at this link for current information about wildfire danger in your county:

HR 167:  Wildfire Disaster Funding Act
This bill amends the Balanced Budget and Emergency Deficit Control Act of 1985 to require specified adjustments to discretionary spending limits in FY2015-FY2022 to accommodate appropriations for wildfire suppression operations in the Wildland Fire Management accounts at the Department of Agriculture (USDA) or the Department of the Interior.

If USDA or Interior determines that supplemental appropriations are necessary for wildfire suppression operations, the bill requires the relevant department to submit to Congress a request for the funding and a plan for obligating the funds.

The bill also requires the President's budget to include the average costs for wildfire suppression over the previous 10 years.
Current Strip / Re: What's this button for?
« Last post by Baradium on June 12, 2015, 03:04:26 AM »
Mike, don't feel bad about this.  I've been flying the PC-12 for eight years now, and there's one button on the yoke that I have NEVER figured out what it is for!!!  Apparently it is an extra switch, or it is for a system that is never installed on planes intended for the US Market (bombs away?  guns?).

Once upon a time, someone told me what that switch was intended for, but I forgot it and now I have no clue.  Since I never have used it, it gets ignored.  Is there anyone in the forum who could help enlighten me?  Hehe.

Another great strip, guys!   |:)\ ::bow::


First thing that comes to mind is autopilot "sync" button for the flight director when hand flying.  Another button sometimes on yokes is for the transponder ident function.   
Aviation related topics / Chinese Pilots to fight wildfires
« Last post by Ragwing on May 25, 2015, 04:14:50 AM »
Chinese pilots to train in Canada to fly new amphibious air tanker
(AG600 TA-600)

Chinese pilots will be training in Canada to fly the new TA-600 amphibious aircraft now being built in China by the Aviation Industry Corporation of China.

The new Chinese aircraft will have a 3,000-gallon water capacity, four turboprop engines, can handle a wave height of two meters, and will have a maximum speed of 354 mph (570 kph, 308 knots).
Maiden flight mid 2016
Current Strip / Re: What's this button for?
« Last post by DDchikenz on May 07, 2015, 04:31:45 PM »
Omg thats like the button from that one cartoon thats red and says don't press it. Maybe it was Dexters laboratory or something like that haha :D ;D |:)\
Aviation related topics / Hurry Home Honey 4
« Last post by Ragwing on May 04, 2015, 04:13:21 PM »
Hurry Home Honey 4 is for sale

1944 P-51D A 1944 P-51D Mustang fighter airplane named "Hurry Home Honey 4" has been listed for sale on for $1.95 million. "The airplane was in excellent cosmetic condition. We performed some extensive mechanical maintenance that took about 12 months," said owner Paul Besterveld of Corpus Christi, Texas.
Aviation related topics / Re: Whistle Sound
« Last post by Mike on May 02, 2015, 03:00:24 AM »
That is a cool comparison. Never heard them right next to each other.

I wonder what creates the high pitch whistle on the Spitfire....
General Discussion / Re: It is with great sadness
« Last post by Baradium on April 16, 2015, 03:05:48 AM »
Fabo, just my opinion, but this might've been a better case for a new thread than dredging up this one.   I for one do not want a "new bad thing that happened but let's rehash everything else that already has happened as well" thread.
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