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The Classroom / Re: The scary part begins.
« Last post by YawningMan on January 01, 2016, 04:50:26 AM »
Hello, again! I thought I'd post an update.

So, I did start my schooling for my A&P licenses, and just finished my first semester. I'm in the middle of what seems to be an excessively long break, but I really shouldn't complain. I managed to win one of five scholarships the program offers to the entire aviation maintenance student body. I'm extremely proud and happy to have secured it!

I started working night shift with UPS when I started school in August, but it was just taking too much of my time. I quit after a couple of months to focus on schoolwork. That has worked out well so far. Even so, I couldn't shake a sense of urgency and restlessness in me to work.

So, two Sundays ago (20 Dec), I went to Stinson Airport on a whim. (The second oldest U.S. airport in continuous operation. I DARE you to find an article on Stinson that doesn't mention that.) I met a man who was putting away a Cirrus in a large hangar while I was looking at the airplanes within. I briefly talked with him, but he said he needed to go. His name is Randy. He seemed to know the guy who ran the avionics shop on Stinson, and recommended I give him a call.

As I was walking away, a fuel truck operator came up and asked if I needed any help. His name was Steven. I told him I was just looking, but did ask him where the avionics shop on the field was. He said it was run by a man named Randy. Huh... I was just talking to a man named Randy...

So, I called the avionics shop. Turns out it was the same guy I had met. I should have done some research before I followed my whim! At any rate, he seemed really willing to have me come by and help after class when school starts up again.

Ladies and gentlemen, I may very well have pulled it off. I may have found part-time work at an avionics shop while I'm attending school to receive my A&P! I'll know more next week.
Aviation related topics / Re: $75,000 reword for help catching Drone Operators
« Last post by G-man on December 21, 2015, 07:28:31 PM »

How do drones stop a plane from flying? Wouldn't the plane just smash the little drone?

You realize what hitting an object while flying can do right? It can bring down an airplane or helicopter... therefore, if drones are flying, all firefighting aircraft are grounded. I really hope you are not a drone person.

This was a small bird:

Aviation related topics / Re: $75,000 reword for help catching Drone Operators
« Last post by RiverSong on December 20, 2015, 12:56:41 PM »
Drones impede California Forest Firefighting >:D.  Acres burn as firefighting ships sit idle.
San Bernardino District Attorney Mike Ramos said you should read this first if you're considering the 3 Week Diet and that the drone operators could be prosecuted for ::rambo:: murder if the drones caused delays that led to deaths of any firefighters or civilians.

How do drones stop a plane from flying? Wouldn't the plane just smash the little drone?
Aviation related topics / Re: Christmas in the cockpit
« Last post by Ragwing on December 17, 2015, 05:16:47 AM »
A little fresh air for Christmas.
Aviation related topics / Christmas in the cockpit
« Last post by Ragwing on December 12, 2015, 02:12:29 PM »
Wishing all of our cockpit jockeys a Merry Christmas
Post your favorite Aviation Christmas here

Santa Express

Go Navy

What is under your tree?
Current Strip / Re: VFR On Top
« Last post by Baradium on November 15, 2015, 02:35:40 PM »
I was going into Burlington, VT once and something similar happened, except the weather was calling 10sm and clear skies.   A fog bank rolled in from the side as we flared... that one resulted in a missed approach and diversion without a planned alternate.   Good thing we were loaded with extra fuel that day!  All the airports in the area went down at the same time.

I've been on both sides of weather coming in like that.  Actually considered diverting to what I'm sure is a high security Army base once when I was still flying in Alaska because of unforecast weather.  It was late at night so their tower was closed... if we'd had to go there it would have probably been an interesting night!    Fortunately we had enough fuel to continue towards Fairbanks for one approach.  RVR came up right to minimums as we got close and we barely got in. 
There I was... / Re: POST A PIC OF YOUR RIDE !!
« Last post by Mike on November 14, 2015, 03:48:42 AM »
btw, this will be my ride for one more day!
after that my 2015 fire season is OVER!  ::eek:: ::knockedout::
There I was... / Re: POST A PIC OF YOUR RIDE !!
« Last post by Mike on November 14, 2015, 03:45:25 AM »
Cool ride!
Definitely "high visibility'! LOL!
(would work well on fires, HAHA)

Also, welcome to the dark side  >:D :-X

Helicopters rock!
Current Strip / Re: VFR On Top
« Last post by Mike on November 14, 2015, 03:43:15 AM »
Ok, so it's good to know I'm not the only guy this happened to  ;) ;D

Thanks for sharing your story!  |:)\
Current Strip / VFR On Top
« Last post by Baradium on November 13, 2015, 03:39:03 PM »
Years ago now, I was coming into Fairbanks International (Fairbanks, Alaska PAFA) one afternoon.   The skies were crystal clear and we had the airport in sight from nearly 100 miles out.  We start talking to approach and call the field in sight and they respond "Understand you have the airport, however the field is now IFR showing visibility of 1/4 mile, Runway 1L RVR variable 1200 to 1800, tower visibility is greater than 10 miles." 

We're sitting there looking at the airport and ATC just told us that they down right to bare minimums for us to even shoot an ILS approach in the best case (1800 is minimums so if they didn't stabilize there by time we were on the approach we would have to divert).       We start getting vectored for an ILS.  Meanwhile Everts Air Cargo is coming in with a DC-6, they hear the conversation and promptly request and are given a contact approach, which lets them fly a normal traffic pattern and land.   As a side note, this is the only time I have ever heard a contact approach requested or given in person.  As far as I know all Part 121 and probably Part 135 fixed wing passenger operations are prohibited in their ops specs from contact approaches.   

We get vectored in a wide traffic pattern for an ILS coming the opposite direction.  As we are on our downwind leg, flying alongside the runway with the runway to our right, we can't even see anything affecting visibility.  We inquire again on the weather and now it is up to 1800 RVR, but still showing 1/4 mile.   We shake our heads, figuring the weather station is busted, and continue to an ILS approach for our landing.   

All the way down the approach the entire airport is in sight, as we get lower I can see what looks like a very light haze layer, but that is all and it looks incredibly light.  I go through the landing and the moment my main landing gear touch down everything just vanishes.   I had better than 10 miles visibility until I was already on the ground and then I can barely see a couple centerline stripes down the runway.  That landing remains one of the most disorienting experiences I've ever had in an airplane.  I've never seen another fog layer like that where you could seemingly see completely through it from just above it but inside it and probably only up to an altitude of maybe 8-10' you could hardly see anything.   
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