With Top Gun they really managed to produce an iconic film. I wonder why it is so hard to make a decent movie about flying, but I don’t know a lot of aviation themed movies that I really enjoyed. Just recently I’ve watched “Flyboys” and was quite disappointed. The computer graphics were too obvious, the pilots are always able to look into each others eyes and read each others faces (even their enemies’ faces) while up in the air, and the whole plot wasn’t too great either.

A movie that I really enjoyed was “Sky Fighters” (Les chevaliers du ciel), a French movie. The air shots and cinematography rivals that of Top Gun! So, especially you Americans out there who don’t watch European movies that much, you should really check that one out!

Do any of you have some more movie recommendations for me? I’d be grateful! Please share, either down below this post, in our forum or on Facebook!