A couple of days ago we were inteviewed by Phil Hampton from the Comic Academy, and he asked us if we don’t alienate a lot of readers by using a lot of technical lingo and aviation terms.

I guess we do! But we really try to make a comic that is enjoyable for aviation nuts as well as the uninitiated public. It’s a balancing act, obviously. I sometimes even run into people who don’t even grasp the basic concept of aerodynamics, why planes fly and what a fin or an elevator does. I’m sure people like that won’t get our comics, but then you can’t please everybody anyway.

Having a pilot as brother and having drawn this comic for ten years now, I think I know much more about aviation than the average Joe. Not as much as most of our fans, I guess, but still quite a bit. Aviation is so full of abbreviations and technical lingo that it’s sometimes hard to follow when listening to insiders. So I totally sympathize with Sally in this strip!