I like when a story can be told with just pictures. Mostly because it’s less work for me (ha, sorry little brother!).

I remember when the first flight simulators came out on the C-64 and we only had one kid on the block who had a computer. So we all played the flight sim together. It was some sort of a bomber flight simulator where you flew over Germany and encountered all kinds of planes and V-2 rockets and such. One guy was flying with the joystick, one guy had the keyboard to switch screens and drop bombs playing the co-pilot, and one guy sat in the back keeping score and navigating. And after every mission we switched. Those were the good ‘ol days. Back then even computer gaming was something kids did together!

I can still remember how excited we all were to play a flight simulator on a computer. I am sure our faces were lit up as bright as Chuck’s every morning and often we ended up shut down and upside down just like Chuck here.
But now, after 7000+ fight hours in real life I don’t play the FlightSim much anymore. Mostly cause it makes me feel like I am still at work ๐Ÿ˜‰ And if you ask me what most of my pilot friends are playing on the computer is anything at all, the answer is “Silent Hunter”! (which is pretty much the complete opposite of flying and probably for a reason).