Today is one of the rare occasions where we drew something that could almost be considered a political cartoon. And we rarely write rants on political topics, but this one here is dear to our hearts.

I mean, seriously, when is enough enough? Does anybody out there really believe that a real terrorist attack could be prevented by the already overboarding excesses of airport security?

Even after 9/11 I accidentially flew at least five intercontinental flights with a paper knife in my carry on luggage. I used to keep one in my pencase and never thought about taking it out, until I noticed it one day and I was surprised that nobody ever discovered it so far. I also accidentially flew with my manicure set in my carry on luggage on at least one occasion.

So, a schmo like me accidentially manages to get “dangerous weapons” on board a plane, more often than not, just because I’m inattentive and forgetful, not even trying to hide or conceal them. a) What does that say about the efficiency of the checks, and b) imagine what you can do if you’re intentionally planning an attack.

Let’s say the checks were efficient. After going through security, all you need to do is go eat a steak at a restaurant, where they will give you a knife.

Those checkpoints do nothing at all to make me feel safe. And I don’t need to feel that safe. Chances are much higher that I’ll die from a car accident, a bee sting or a cold. All they do is to consider everybody guilty until proven innocent, invade peoples privacy, and treat us like we’re prisoners or cattle. What’s next? Chest x-rays? Proctology exams? Gynecological inspections? Shock collars? I mean, seriously, it has to stop at some point! And not only stop, but things have to at least be turned back to pre-9/11 conditions, which were annoying enough.

Mike’s job requires him to fly a lot, otherwise he would stay away. And I almost don’t even want to go visit my brother in the States anymore. Get this: When going there, I first have to fill out an online form three days before my departure, in which they seriously ask me if I “plan any terrorist activities” there! (I have yet to find a person that doesn’t see the Monty Pythonesque ridiculousness in this question).

We’ll put this strip up at our “We Love Aviaiton” section, for anybody to use, in case you want to raise awareness. I mean, the fun in flying is all we are about here. It’s been a long time since I enjoyed a trip through an airport. We need to take a stand against this encroaching, creeping police and surveillance state, not just to protect our civil liberties and human rights, but also to save aviation from being destroyed by governments and security contractors!

Man, I could go on about this subject for ten more pages… Feel free to discuss this further with us in our forum!