Trying to come up with jokes can be hard. Sometimes more, sometimes less. Our writing process is basically Mike and I trying to one up each other until we’re both happy enough with the result.

And then, sometimes, after we’ve published a strip, we come up with a better idea or punchline, or somebody else takes a shot at it in the comment section or on Facebook and is just way funnier than the original strip. One one hand I love it, because it makes me laugh, on the other hand, it bugs me, because I think “why didn’t I/we come up with that!”.

This whole emotional support sheep series is a case like that. We named the sheep Clarence, but didn’t make a “clearance” related joke. And today, I wrote the headline “Clarence has to go” and thought of all the possibilities that that line would offer … But anyway, hope you can enjoy today’s serving nonetheless!