If anybody has trouble accessing our website, I apologize. I’ve been postponing that revamp of our site for years now, and apparently there seems to be some kind of defect that takes up way too many resources on the server. I’ve tried all the suggested fixes by our server hosting provider, but nothing seems to work, so they’re throttling down our server time to the point where the website is barely up.

It’s so, so very frustrating that I never find the time to finally get this over with, but if you have two little children and are chasing every cent to somehow pay the bills at the end of the month, it seems impossible to scrape out a couple of weeks to do “unpaid” work like this.

I’ve promised myself to redo our website this year, but now it’s already the end of summer and I haven’t even started. Sigh!

So, anyway, sorry if you encounter any error messages around here!