Did you ever have the tower say “give me a landline when you land”? Itโ€™s a sinking feeling. One time in Burbank (Class C Airspace) we were doing traffic patterns with “full down” autorotations (it’s an autorotation you take all the way to the ground usually resulting in a little bit of a slide down the runway on the helicopter the skids, some airport frown upon it because they claim it messes up the runway surface) and the routed us around all kinds of commercial airline traffic but we thought we did really well when we heard those dreaded words as we were leaving. Both of us were wondering what it might have been we did wrong.

I landed and made the phone call. As it turns out, they were actually all excited about us coming over. He said “That was great, we love having you guys over. Tell all your friends about it.” “There is no conflict with the airlines?” I asked. He said “No, we can work around them.” They actually appreciated the additional take-off and landings which helps their funding.

So … as it turns out, calling the tower is like a box of chocolates: you never know what youโ€™re gonna get ๐Ÿ˜‰