While “not screwing up” is definitely the best way to go when initiating, conducting, and terminating a flight, we may screw up slightly from time to time. The Nasa report (as Chuck and common slang would call it), which is actually now called the “Aviation Safety Reporting System” is a way to bring up concerns about aviation safety. The other, and for Chuck quite convenient, thing that the ASRS enables pilots to do is to possibly avoid the imposition of a sanction. The FAA claims that it will waive the penalty in an enforcement action if the pilot can show that he or she filed a timely NASA report and has otherwise satisfied the criteria for a waiver.

However, we recommend not to use the NASA reporting system like Chuck does because it also says “…to qualify for the waiver, the conduct must have been inadvertent and not deliberate, and it must not involve a lack of qualifications or competency. Finally, the pilot must not have been found in a prior FAA enforcement action to have committed a violation within the preceding five years.”

And I am pretty sure that Chuck has been in a FAA enforcement action in the last five years and that his daily routine of filing these reports “might” be seen as deliberate rather than inadvertent.

But either way, if you are a pilot and you have never heard of this, check out the link to the ASRS and a little article about what exactly the deal is with this little tool on AOPA. It’s very handy information to have! …just in case…