I know very few people who like giving passenger briefings. I also rarely see anybody paying attention inside the airliner as well. But Maybe they’re all seasoned flyers already.

Not sure if you guys followed the helicopter crash landing in the river in NYC not too long ago, but I believe those passengers might have had a better chance if they had been briefed just a little better.

But lets get back to being cheery. THANK YOU EVERYONE who stopped by at the show to say hello!!

It was SO MUCH FUN to meet all you guys and chat. We had such a great time. Stef brought a bunch of stuff to draw in case it got slow but you guys timed the visits so perfectly that we were busy all day every day and we are really grateful for that. Since this was my first time at AERO, I was fascinated. I had no idea how much and what all was going on in Europe flying-wise. We will try to make it there again next year! What a show! I hope you guys enjoyed it as much as I did.