Who all in the coop knows the actual marshalling signal meanings Julio is trying to convey? I think Julio’s faces on this strip are priceless. They might actually give away more what he means than the movement of his wands, HAHA.

When I was flying the little prop planes and then helicopters, I seldom got marshaled. It’s pretty easy to squeeze into a spot with a small aircraft. But with the big helicopter on wheels it has become important again to know them and what the marshal is trying to tell me. What is even more important on the Chinook is that some people unfamiliar with the aircraft misjudge how low the front rotor plane is to the ground when taxiing forward. They keep marshaling “straight ahead” almost running the front rotor into themselves if nobody were paying attention. So we often have to stop way before they want us to stop and have them take a few steps back first before we can keep going. Even when we are parked, I usually have the crew chief jump out to make sure nobody approaches the aircraft from the front. ‘What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger’ does not apply to rotorblades – they straight up kill you.