I often wonder what’s behind the phrase “minor technical difficulties” whenever you hear the phrase used in real life. Is it really something technical? Or maybe just a crucial employee who has a case of diarrhea? It can mean anything, really. I’m pretty sure, it often is something as mundane as in this comic. In Vienna they sometimes like to use the phrase “an ill passenger” when they have to stop the subway. But “ill passenger” can mean anything from someone having a heart attack to somebody jumping in front of the train.

Talking about ill: Thanks everyone for your wishes a couple of weeks ago, when I wrote I was getting sick! I went through a few really bad days, and annoyingly, I’m still not fully recovered. I’m still struggling with some sort of slight bronchitis that doesn’t want to go away. And my doctor says it’s viral and not bacterial, so I can’t just pop a magic antibiotic pill. Sigh. It’s times like these that make you appreciate the times when you’re healthy. It’s so easy to take that for granted. I hope you all out there are doing fine! If you are, please drink a beer for me, or take a run, not necessarily in that order! I hope I can join you again soon.