This cartoon is dedicated to one of our aviation idols, the legendary Bob Hoover who left us in October 2016 at the age of 94 which is no small feat if you read up on all the crazy stuff this guy has done in his life. I believe that anyone who has ever been interested in aviation history will know this iconic figure of aviation. We saw him at AirVenture once but didn’t get to talk to him because he was surrounded by too many people. I really wish we would have been able to talk to him.

Growing up reading about aviation what I remember most were the rolls he did while pouring tee and his demonstrations of energy when he took the Commander up for aerobatics all while having his engines in the “OFF” mode. And of course the yellow Mustang was no eyesore either. If you have never heard of Bob Hoover, I highly recommend you google his name and look at some videos.It wasn’t until later (thanks to the invention of wikipedia) that I found out he was a highly decorated war hero as well.
As these legends from the pioneer days of aviation disappear, there are less and less figures we can all look up to following in their footsteps. It currently feels like almost everything has already been done or tried before and drone flying doesn’t breed aviation aces as much as the initial supersonic flying and moon-landing did. But maybe we’ll have some exciting Mars missions soon or something of that nature.