While admittedly we might have exaggerated some in this comic, I bet some of you might be able to relate to this one. Anyone who has ever done a checkride while the examiner himself is getting observed at the same time knows what I am talking about here with this comic. The company I used to work for had the FAA FSDO almost literally across the street from our location at the airport.

We often joked that we had way more “observations” during the pleasant spring and summer months when the weather was nice and they all needed to get out of the office. My least favorite checkrides were the ones when a brand new FAA inspector gets observed by a semi new inspector. Boy, do they go exactly by the book and did those checkrides drag on forever!! The guy needs to impress his new government employer I guess.

At my current job, those helicopters are based out in Montana and almost all of our checkrides are in March. So the preflight questions and questions about the components of the aircraft are usually fairly brief when it’s below freezing with the wind blowing at 15 knots plus all morning, HAHA.