Something like that would be a typical explanation we would get from our dad, whenever we asked him something. Actually I shouldn’t be using past tense, because we still keep this up and it seems to never get old.

I believe that trying to come up with stupid explanations to entertain each other was one of the many seeds planted in my childhood that helped me develop into a somewhat creative individual as an adult. So in the spirit of providing my children all the advantages I received as a kid, I will do my best to continue this honored family tradition of talking BS and watching how quickly they see through it. Right now it’s a bit too early though, because they take literally everything literally. Which can be fun. But you also have to watch what you say so as to not confuse the little humans.

It’s really entertaining to watch them develop a sense of humor. Theo first started out making up random words but with the melody and intonation of a joke. Now we’re at a stage where everything poop and pee related is the apex of comedy. Some people never leave that stage, but I’m confident Theo will progress from here. Little Johann is at the stage right now, where the funniest thing ever is stuffed animals falling down from somewhere and hitting their head. And since nothing is more entertaining than a contagious, hearty laugh of a child, I am having the time of my life cracking poop jokes and throwing teddy bears off of couches. Ah, parenthood! That stuff sure makes up for all the diapers, sleepless nights and responsibilities.