I hereby out myself as an old-fashioned, tech-averse geezer. I have never in my life used a navigation device to find my way. Well, directly, at least. I have relied on my wife in the passenger seat looking up an address on Google maps on her cell phone a few times. I do use the route planner on Google maps to look up directions sometimes, but then I usually either memorize the way, take a few notes or print out a snapshot of the map.

It’s due to a variety of things. Firstly, I think I’m not that bad at orientation and spatial imagination, so I rarely ever get lost. Secondly, I don’t drive a lot in the first place. Which also means I don’t have a mount for my phone in my car. Also, I always use really cheap and crappy cell phone where every gesture takes 5 seconds to process, pages take a minute to load, and typing in an address and waiting on google maps would probably take almost as long as the drive itself. It’s way faster to just spend a couple of minutes before the trip to look up the route.

If you haven’t guessed by now, I’m also the type that rather drives around for an extra 15 minutes than to stop and ask for the way. Although, as I said, I rarely ever get lost.

Still, I think GPSes are awesome and an impressive display of mankind’s intelligence. And they’re definitely a great relief for people who drive a lot and have to find addresses all the time, e.g. field staff of all sorts. But personally, I am usually totally lost when I just follow someone or follow directions and don’t think for myself. I wonder if mankind will at some point totally lose the ability to orient themselves when we’re more and more getting used to rely on technology to find our way.