Today’s strip was based on an idea from Kristian from Norway, who apparently had something similar happen to him. Although I can’t remember if in his case it also was a wheelbarrow or something else that made the noise.

But I guess we all have some delusive noises sometimes in our lives. Mike says there’s a certain radio commercial that has a sound effect in in it that sounds like one of the warning bells in his helicopter, and that almost gives him a heart attack when he’s hearing it while driving his car. In my case, there’s this tiny little noise, something like a squeak, that sometimes comes from our neighbors house. In the first fraction of a second it sounds like one of the kids starting to cry. At night, when I’m just about to fall asleep and I hear that noise, it gives me an adrenaline rush that keeps me awake for another five minutes.

Does anyone of you have funnier or more interesting examples than that?